Sweetie Ice Cream
Sweetie Ice Cream
Making Life Sweeter With Fewer Calories, If you like the taste of the low calories ice cream you buy in the stores, you are going to be blown away of the amazing taste of our low calorie ice cream.
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Introducing Sweetie

The New ultra low calorie, sugar, and fat Ice creaM


Photo by fotofrog/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by fotofrog/iStock / Getty Images


Sweet Starts

For the past three years, we have been developing and perfecting the best ice cream that is low in calories, sugar, and fat. We are so excited to bring ice cream lovers around the world Sweetie, where you can indulge without the guilt and without sacrificing flavor and texture. 


Our Ice Cream

Because our ice cream actually scoops. We call that 'Scoopability' a quality that lets us be sold in Scoop Shops, a quality that sets us apart from the other low-calorie ice creams!


our mission

Making life Sweeter, with fewer calories one Scoop at a Time